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          History of Pretreatment of Biological Samples for Tissue Grinding and Cell Fragmentation

          For the vast number of experimenters, many experimental materials such as muscle tissue, connective tissue, bone tissue, hair tissue and other plant roots, stems, leaves, seeds, etc. need to be ground before their composition, gene and protein, structure and function can be studied. Since then, the experimenters have embarked on the road of common growth with the grinding of biological tissues.

          The first generation: liquid nitrogen grinding a handful of bitter tears, "Brother, I was frostbitten by liquid nitrogen."

          "Heaven, the hard-to-get samples are splashed out during grinding." Here the damage is up to 100 points.

          Second Generation: The tissue homogenizer collapsed one or two times, and did not break completely. "Magic horse! The blade was stuck again, and the motor did not turn..."

          "One at a time, one at a time, one at a time, and one at a time. When will such a day come to an end?"

          Third Generation: Biological Sample Grinder One-three surprises! High throughput one-to-24 samples pre-treatment once done! High efficiency one-to-one-to-three minutes, you want, immediately!

          High Safety - automatic refrigeration without liquid nitrogen, a machine, crushing centrifuge all done!


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