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          What are the characteristics of disc vibration grinder

          The disc vibration grinder combines impact force and friction force. The grinding kit is fixed on the vibration floor by pneumatic fastening device, and the floor drives the grinding kit to carry out 3D grinding motion. The sample is ground by extreme high pressure, impact force and friction force produced by the centrifugal force of the grinding ring. It can quickly grind samples of cement, cement blocks, ceramics, coal, concrete, corundum, glass, metal oxides, minerals, ores, silicates, slag and soil. The instrument has the following characteristics:

          1. It is suitable for grinding medium-hard, brittle and fibre materials. It can achieve fast, good reproducibility, no loss and meet the requirements of analysis fineness. It can process 1-4 samples at the same time.

          2. The universal drive shaft structure of the machine makes the 3-D movement of the grinding tank safe and stable, and supports up to 30 kg of total weight (sample + grinding tank). The closed grinding system ensures the integrity of sample processing.

          3. Like RS 200, the rugged design of RS 300 XL has proven to be very suitable for geological, mineral metallurgy, as well as applications in building materials (cement) and power plants.

          4. Processing samples with high fineness and fast speed, RETSCH vibrating disc grinder is a perfect choice for sample preparation for spectral analysis.

          5. The grinding kit has five different materials and four different sizes (100ml-800ml-1000ml-2000ml). It is suitable for various applications and pollution-free testing requirements. The 100 ml grinding kit includes grinding tank and cover, grinding ring and grinding disc. 800, 1000 and 2000 ml grinding kits include grinding tanks and caps, as well as open grinding discs to ensure homogeneous mixing during sample grinding.


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