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          Grinding Rat's Foot with Automatic Liquid Nitrogen Refrigeration Grinder

          Experimental purpose

          Detection of RNA gene expression in rat paw after administration

          Laboratory materials and instruments

          Sample: Rat sole

          Instrument: Liquid Nitrogen Refrigeration Grinder

          Consumables: A set of special 15ml adapters, a pair of grinding tubes

          Reagents: liquid nitrogen

          The experimental steps are as follows:

          1. Prepare stainless steel grinding tube 15ml. Clean and sterilize the grinding tube and ball.

          2. Samples that need to be ground are placed directly in the prepared grinding tube, without cutting short, and a grinding ball is added. Cover well.

          3. Put the grinding tube containing the organized sample into liquid nitrogen and freeze until it does not boil.

          4. Remove the frozen adapter and insert the frozen stainless steel grinding tube into the adapter.

          5. Install the adapter into the grinder

          6. Powder samples can be obtained by setting power and time, starting the instrument and finishing the grinding process.

          The experimental conclusions are as follows:

          The grinding instrument can grind the rat foot sample sufficiently, make the components in the sample dissolve sufficiently in the medium to extract the effective components, and make the sample detection quicker and more accurate.


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