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          How to choose and buy a grinder? The method of selecting and buying a grinder

          Grinding machine is a commonly used grinding equipment, mainly used in chemical grinding, with high production efficiency, strong continuity, low cost, high product fineness and other advantages. Users need to pay attention to many aspects when choosing and purchasing grinders. Today, the editor will introduce the method of selecting and purchasing grinders in detail, hoping to help you.

          Selection and Purchasing Method of Grinding Machine

          1. Material of grinding barrel body: In the grinding machine industry, many manufacturers grinding barrel body are mostly stainless steel material, in the non-embroidered steel quality, there are many kinds, which need the owner's own confirmation.

          2. Material of grinding barrel rotor: There are mainly two kinds of grinding machine technology, one is disc grinding disc, the other is rod-pin grinding barrel and rod-pin rotor. The grinding effect of bar-pin grinder is much better than that of disc grinder.

          3. Separation device of material and grinding meson (zirconium bead): When separating material and grinding medium in horizontal grinder, the separating device is mainly composed of static and dynamic rings.

          4. Cooling effect of mechanical seals and equipment: whether mechanical seals leak or not, how many hours of service life. The key point is that the circulating fluid of mechanical seal uses solvent or water which is compatible with abrasive material, avoiding the accident of contaminating the product in production and bringing unnecessary economic losses.

          5. Production efficiency: Whether the structure design is reasonable or not determines the production efficiency and product quality.

          6. Operation: The main control part of the machine is very centralized and easy to operate.

          7. Easy to change colour, clean and replace zirconium beads: Mainly understand whether there is no dead angle design in the grinding chamber, and how the self-cleaning effect is.

          8. Safety protection function is complete: material selection, quality and safety of the whole machine.


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