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          Application characteristics of high-flux seed mill in seed grinding

          The high-throughput tissue grinder is a typical sample preparation device for fast and efficient sample preparation. It is well-suited for high-throughput grinding and is therefore called a high-throughput tissue grinder. In seed testing, we usually refer to high-flux tissue grinders that grind seed samples as high-throughput seed grinders, which is the origin of the name.
          With the deepening of seed testing, many seed testing projects require grinding of the seed sample, which not only requires high grinding efficiency, but also requires the ground sample to meet the relevant standards. At this time, a high-flux seed mill is used. To carry out seed sample pretreatment, it can meet the demand, and through practical application, we also found that the application characteristics of high-flux seed mill in seed grinding mainly include the following:
          The first is its practicality. It can be used with dry grinding/wet grinding/ultra-fine grinding/low-temperature freezing grinding in grinding tanks of different volumes and materials. In addition, in the process of seed DNA extraction, high-throughput seed mills can be used. Important role, because it can perform cell disruption and DNA/RNA extraction; at the same time, high-flux seed mill in turbulent blending/laminar blending, dry-mixing, liquid-liquid dispersion, gas-liquid dispersion, etc. The same performance was excellent and the work was done very well.
          High-throughput seed grinder, which has the superior characteristics of one-time splitting of multiple seed samples, not only ensures the reproducibility of sample processing, but also saves the preparation time of seed samples, improves the processing efficiency of samples, and has high repeatability. The high quality features provide a reliable analytical basis for the next step of DNA/RNA analysis or seed cell extraction. Therefore, high-throughput seed grinders are widely used in agriculture for the processing of samples such as roots, stems, leaves, grains, and seeds (such as corn).


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