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          Grinding of Chicken in Animal Husbandry with Frozen Variety Grinder

          Experimental purpose

          In the experiments of drug residue, veterinary drug residue and hormone detection, there is a very troublesome procedure - sample homogenization. Animal husbandry and aquatic products samples are often rich in oil and small amount of individual samples. If the sample is homogenized by an internal cutting disperser, the oil sticks to the knife head, which leads to very troublesome cleaning of the knife head. Samples taken away by the knife head from the wall cause relatively large loss of samples and affect the recovery rate.

          The multi-product grinder is an ideal method for homogenizing samples. It does not need to clean the knife head or worry about sample loss. It is very suitable for homogenizing samples of animal husbandry, aquatic products, vegetables and fruits.

          Specific operation: Cut the sample into small pieces and place it in the centrifugal tube, add appropriate amount of organic solvent, add 6 to 8 grinding beads, tighten the cap of the centrifugal tube, then place the centrifugal tube in the sample rack and homogenize for 1 minute according to 2000.

          Laboratory materials and instruments

          Sample: Chicken

          Instruments: Various Abrasives (Lozanne)

          Experimental steps

          Centrifugal tubes: 16 50 ml centrifugal tubes

          Sample: 10 g chicken per serving, cut into pieces.

          Solvent: 15 ml acetonitrile per serving

          Grinding beads: 8 lessons per lesson

          Grinding Conditions: Rotation 2000 RPM, 1 minute


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