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          Industry new

          Grinding Brain Tissue with a Freeze Grinder

          Experimental purpose

          Grinding brain tissue

          Laboratory supplies

          Sample: Mouse brain tissue

          Instrument: High-throughput Tissue Grinder

          Consumables: special grinding tube (2ml), grinding beads (5mm, 2)

          Experimental steps

          1. Prepare 2ml (5 ml stainless steel grinding tube if the sample is large), clean the grinding tube and grinding ball, sterilize and sterilize the enzyme;

          2. Cut a small piece of brain tissue sample that needs to be ground, put it into the prepared abrasive tube, add two abrasive beads and cover it; add 300 ml liquid nitrogen, then put it into 2 ml adapter, which can be pre-cooled in - 4 C refrigerator first, and controlled relatively in the dry grinding process.

          3. Install the adapter into the Xinzhi grinder.

          4. Set 40 hz, 60 s and start the instrument until the end of the grinding process.


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