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          What are the precautions for high-throughput tissue grinders

          The grinding ball in the grinding kit forms a large high-frequency impact force, friction force, rapid fine grinding of the material under the action of inertial force, mixing and dispersing the sample, and the material in contact with the medium cannot bring the medium to the medium. Pollution. The high-strength frame is used without deformation, stable working performance and improved grinding degree.
          In order to resist the influence of temperature rise, the commonly used methods are low temperature pre-cooling and buffer protection. The low temperature pre-cooling will pre-place the sample into a low temperature environment, generally liquid nitrogen or ultra-low temperature refrigerator, and liquid nitrogen pre-cooling is faster. And the temperature is lower. The high-throughput tissue grinder can quickly pulverize and homogenize samples such as hard, soft and elastic. It meets the requirements of physical and chemical analysis laboratories. It can be equipped with grinding tanks of different volumes and materials, which can be dry-grinded and wet. Grinding and freeze-grinding can also be used for cell disruption and DNA/RNA extraction, and is widely used in biomedicine, agriculture, food, and testing.
          The grinding plane is generally carried out after fine grinding. When the plane is manually ground, the abrasive is applied to the grinding plate, and the workpiece is held for linear reciprocating motion or “eight-shaped motion. After grinding for a certain period of time by a high-throughput tissue grinder, the workpiece is rotated by 90°. -180°, to prevent the workpiece from tilting. After each use, the polishing pad must be taken. This is to prevent the polishing pad from being damaged. After use, it is best to clean the polishing pad with hot water, clean the machine base and wipe it in time. Remove the polishing agent and dust, dirt, must be wrapped around the hanging hook, and then wipe the surface layer of the power cord with a wet rag. If the power cord is damaged, it should be replaced in time, can not be used. With the general metallographic method In comparison, the speed is fast, and a clean and high-quality surface can be obtained. No scratches can be seen with normal bright field illumination. No signs of damage defects can be seen after etching. Compared with micro-slice preparation, micro-grinding It can also be used for materials with high hardness.


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