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          Grinding Machine Grinding and Breaking Human Bones

          Human skeleton is an essential element of human motion system, plays an important role in supporting and protecting the body, and is an indispensable part of human body composition. Skeletonization is the basis of the complexity of biological structure, and skeletal system is the limiting factor of the evolution of biological morphology.

          Human skeleton extraction is a key step to capture human motion in the process of human motion analysis. It is important to analyze human motion posture and obtain human motion parameters.

          Jilin Provincial Public Security Bureau Material Identification Center collected human skeleton samples, through the net letter grinding instrument, grinding, extracting DNA, human skeleton extraction research.

          Experimental steps

          Step 1: Punch the collected human skeleton samples into small pieces by gravity.

          Step 2: Put the sample in a 50ml steel tank and put it on the grinder.

          Step 3: Set parameter grinding frequency xxHZ, and grind to powder in 20 seconds (including human skeleton samples)

          Step 4: Take the sample from the grinder and do the follow-up experiment after dissolving.

          The grinder can grind the human skeleton sample sufficiently, and the effect of extracting the active ingredients from the sample is improved remarkably, so that the sample detection is faster and more accurate.


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