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          Testing the Crushing Resistance of Maize Kernels by Grinding Method

          The crushing rate of maize kernels was determined by freeze grinder, and the crushing resistance of maize kernels was evaluated. The rapid and accurate determination method and its influencing factors were explored, and the crushing resistance of different varieties was characterized by freeze grinder. The results show that the sample quality, rotational speed and grinding time have significant effects on the grain breakage rate.

          With the increase of sample quality, the crushing rate decreases, which accords with the quadratic curve relationship. With the increase of rotational speed and grinding time, the crushing rate increases linearly. The milling time and rotational speed required for 50% and 100% grain breakage rate can be used as the indexes to evaluate the breakage resistance of maize varieties.

          It is concluded that the grinder can be used to measure and characterize the breakage resistance of maize varieties.


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